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We’re so sorry about the downtime Hellobee experienced last night and this morning! It was an issue on our webhost’s end, and hopefully it won’t happen again!

To make up for it, we’re doing a little giveaway of my favorite bento supplies, and we have another giveaway coming up with my favorite fun bento tools! If you’re interested in packing bentos for your little one, everything you need to get started (and then some) is below!

You may be wondering why pack bentos at all? Contrary to what some may believe, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can put as much or as little time as you want into them. I don’t even do anything special to the food the vast majority of the time. So what are the pros of bentos? They help your kids eat better because they’re visually appealing, the smaller portions are great for babies and toddlers, and the variety challenges you to pack balanced meals. I’m a fan and I’m sure I’ll be packing my kids bentos well into their school years!

This is what’s included in this giveaway:

1) Dr. Sear’s Nibble Tray – This was the very first bento box I purchased. It’s small, so it’s an excellent first bento box for your little one. The detachable leaf part is supposed to be for dips and sauces, and can be frozen. Olive is 17 months old, and I still use this to pack her bento daily!

2) Vegetable Cutters – I use these to cut cute shapes into cheese, vegetables, fruit, and eggs.

3) Chick Spice Container – I fill this with grated parmesan cheese. Charlie loves sprinkling it over his eggs and pasta!

4) Laptop Lunchbox – Now that Charlie is older and can eat more, I use this lunchbox daily. You can see some bentos that I packed in it here. The Laptop Lunchbox comes with 5 inner containers. 3 of them have lids, but you can purchase additional lids and accessories separately. It is a lot of parts to wash daily, but because the box itself is so colorful, I like that I don’t have to do anything special to the food to make it visually appealing.

5) Lock and Lock 3.6 Cup w/ Removable Trays – This is an awesome square bento box that comes with 4 removable containers. I regularly pack lunches in this box for both Charlie and Olive as well. I have a bunch of Lock and Lock containers in various sizes and I love them because they’re bpa-free, they lock tightly, and they have removable containers. I often pack breakfast or a snack in these smaller lock and lock containers.

6) Silicon Cupcake Liners – These are my #1 bento box essential. They transform any lunchbox into a bento box, keep foods separated, and add a pop of color. They’re also dishwasher and microwave safe!

7) Duck Family Picks – Just adding one pick to a bento box — even if you do nothing else — makes it so much more special!

8) Foogo Food Jar – I’ve been using this since Charlie was a baby. I used to keep warm breastmilk or formula in it when he was a baby. Then once he started daycare, I sent soups in it. We’ve never had a problem with leaks, it keeps the food very warm, and 3 years later it’s still going strong!

9) Silicon Leaf Baran – These act as dividers when you have two types of food in one container so that the flavors don’t meld. You could use this in the Laptop Lunchbox, Lock & Lock, or any bento box.

To enter this contest, simply comment below by midnight EST, March 11th. Good luck!